Identity affects all aspects of business and is the underpinning of Information Security.  Without proper identification, businesses cannot establish trust and commerce grinds to a halt. 

At Modern Identity, we understand that you may be beginning your identity journey, already have a robust identity program in need of optimization, or have a tactical identity and/or access management challenge that requires immediate action.    

In any case, Modern Identity consultants can assess and propose solutions to address your identity related needs. Standard Strategy offerings include:       

IAM Assessments 

IAM assessments are typically short duration projects, often 4 to 6 weeks, focusing on identity related pain points and the current state of your IAM program, in order to build a 2 to 3 year roadmap designed to create or modernize your IAM program.  

IAM Tool Selection

To assist with identity related challenges, clients often choose to implement identity related tools. Modern Identity can help you select the right IAM tool to meet your business challenge.

IAM Program Assistance

Identity Programs require cooperation from all areas of the business to be successful; however, many clients struggle to bring the necessary stakeholders together in order to achieve a unified IAM vision. 

Our IAM program can assist your team with working with stakeholders to proclaim the business value to key divisions, or creating the appropriate governance structure to effectively manage your IAM program.