The Current IAM Reality

A significant lack of skilled and knowledgeable IAM professionals has allowed the vast majority of IAM firms to place their own interests above their clients. 

Cause:  The IAM Talent Shortage

IAM is a complicated discipline with practitioners often requiring ten or more years acquiring subject matter expertise to become a IAM Strategist.  Unfortunately, the IAM market is too small for universities and colleges to take an active interest in the field and is often an afterthought in many Information Security or Cyber Security programs. 

Without formal education and the lack of focus in the information security arena, clients must rely on the few professionals with significant time and hands on experience in the IAM space. 

Results:  Unmet Expectations & Failed Projects

Regrettably, many IAM software vendors and IAM services firms are not looking out for their client’s best interests.
— Anthony Johnson - Founder & President

All too often a clients best interests are secondary to the software commissions, stock prices, and partner bonuses of the IAM software and services firms, thus shifting the focus away from the clients IAM challenges. Prevalent industry issues include:

  • IAM software vendor and services firms ignoring People and Process to focus exclusively on Technology
  • IAM software vendors not being straightforward and honest about their tool’s capabilities and features
  • IAM services firms receiving kickbacks from IAM software vendors for swaying clients to purchase unnecessary and/or misaligned software
  • IAM services firms stretching the truth on references and capabilities in order to land the “Big Deal” 
  • IAM Service and Staffing firms using sub-par resources since those resources are “On the Bench” and available  

We were tired of the dishonesty and quid pro quo nature of business that was plaguing the IAM industry.  We founded Modern Identity to take a stand against “business as usual.”