Why Modern Identity?

Let’s be honest, IAM is already challenging enough.  To be successful, the deck cannot be stacked against you from day one.  At Modern Identity, we pride ourselves on being your trusted advisor and offering three primary advisory services. 

Advisory Services

Independent Analysis of IAM Tools

Cut through the smoke and mirrors; IAM tool selection is not as complicated as the IAM vendors and implementers claim, many have reseller agreements or only partner with particular vendors to receive kickbacks.   

Program / Project oversight of an IAM Implementer

Larger IAM implementations may use a “Big 4” or other specialty implementer.  Let us augment your project management staff to ensure that the right questions are being asked and that the project is actually progressing on time and budget.   

Review of existing and proposed Statement of Works

We favor and recommend a fixed price statement of work (“SOW”) for our clients to reduce risk.  We can review existing and proposed SOWs to identify areas of omission, ambiguity, or risk. Let us help put the fixed price SOW advantage back in your favor.   

Our advisory services are flexible; we can provide full-time, part-time, or retainer advisory services.  

At Modern Identity, we value our advisory services above all other services that we provide, and we want to be your trusted adviser.  We want you to be successful because that means we are successful.