Each IAM tool type is unique in their implementation requirements. 

Federation solutions often require limited interaction from the business and lack significant end user training.  From an end user perspective, the technology is almost transparent allowing end users single sign-on to internet related resources that previously required a separate username and password.  

In contrast, Identity Governance and Administration (“IGA”) tool implementations are similar in complexity and scope to a small Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) implementation since they require significant business input from areas outside of IT.  IGA tools affect almost every end user in the organization through specific modules such as self-service password reset and the access request portal.  In addition, IGA tools include business specific modules, such as access review, policy monitoring, and identity analytics, that are used by Information Security, Compliance, and/or Risk departments.  

Implementation services


Consultants are available to assist with the implementation of many IAM tool types:

  • Identity Governance & Administration
  • Web Access Management
  • Federation
  • Privileged Account / User Management 


We can provide one or more of the following resources to assist you in your tool implementation:

  • IAM Business Analysts
  • IAM Engineers
  • IAM Architects
  • IAM Testers
  • IAM Trainers
  • IAM Project Manager

End to End 

We provide a complete team to handle the implementation life-cycle covering:

  • Requirements
  • Design
  • Configuration / Development
  • Testing
  • Training